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Customer Service and Selling Skills - Workshop

Available topics for your bespoke programme can include:

Communication skills:

  • Developing existing skills identifying varied communication methods appropriate to a situation.
  • Barriers to communication will be explored, as well as the importance of identifying the need of the customer.
  • Using communication as an effective tool for building customer relationships by recognising and identifying the Transactional Analysis theory in our communication.
  • The importance of assertiveness so to meet the needs of the customer and the organisation.


  • Recognising and maximising each sales opportunity by using the seven stage selling cycle and exploring each stage to identify improvement in own roles.
  • Exploring how to sell more, in less time: assertive selling!

Managing difficult customers:

  • The stages of handling a difficult customer and how to use these strategies effectively
  • Conflict management
  • How to change a negative situation to a positive and retain a loyal customer

This course can start anytime during the year at a time to suit yourself and your employer.



Duration The duration would depend upon the needs of the employer.

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