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Industrial Automation Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC 1)

This 1 day short course provides a basic introduction to PLCs. A fundamental understanding of control systems would be advantageous. If in doubt, please contact the college to discuss your programme entry point.

  • Course Description

    Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) play a vital role in all forms of automation and industrial control. The range of equipment being controlled in this way is extremely diverse, from micro PLCs controlling simple automatic doors, HVAC systems and agricultural grain handling plant to larger modular PLCs controlling complex industrial processes. Activities where an understanding of PLCs is required include:-

    • Control panel design and build
    • Installation and commissioning of plant and equipment
    • Maintenance and system modification
    • Fault diagnosis and repair

    Introduction to PLCs Part I

    • Introduction to PLCs and their applications
    • Inputs and Outputs (types, addressing etc)
    • Programmable logic AND, OR and NOT
    • Introduction to CWA Training Rigs
    • Relationship between field devices, inputs status, application programme and output status
    • Overview of PLC features and functions
    • Introduction to programming software MELSOFT GX Works2
    • Development of simple application programmes
  • Progression Opportunities

    What can I do after this course at CWA?

    The College of West Anglia offers many opportunities to continue studying from entry level through to degrees at University Centre West Anglia. Some of the courses available for those who have successfully completed this course include:

    • Industrial Automation Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC 2) (King's Lynn)
  • Additional Information

    What qualification will I achieve?

    Industrial Automation Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC 1)

    How is my course assessed?

    This course is assessed by a 30 minute multiple choice test.

Please contact us or complete the enquiry for information on the next course date.

King's Lynn


Duration 1 Day

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Jack was awarded Apprenticeships winner at the CWA Student of the Year Awards ceremony 2018.

“At college, I have learnt so many other skills that“At college, I have learnt so many other skills thathaven’t just revolved around carpentry. I havelearnt how to be more adaptable to overcomemany difficult challenges I have faced. Sincethen I have grown in confidence and gone fromstrength to strength within the workplace.”

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