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Hummingbird is a bespoke course to meet student's individual needs. It's a flexible learning programme that will completely meet the needs of the students without compromise. This course will only be offered if there is no other alternative provision.

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  • Course Description

    The Hummingbird Programme is a one-year course which is preparing students for:

    • A full-time college course
    • An exit course from college with experience in their vocational subject
    • A learning experience that we are unable to provide any other way particularly avoiding the student becoming NEET

    Students that are suitable are for example:

    • Students who have Autism and are so rigid in their thinking that they are unable to function on a main college course even with reasonable adjustments and high levels of support
    • Students with Autism or extreme anxiety that are unable to cope with the social aspects of college with large class sizes even with 1:1 support and reasonable adjustments. But are functioning at levels above foundation.
    • Students with complex medical needs including those with a terminal diagnosis who want to remain in education but are unable to cope with the academic rigour of full time education and who struggle everyday with chronic fatigue and therefore need very specific support outside of the classroom to ensure that are able to keep up with studies.
    • Student who have had negative school experiences and often have a diagnosis of PTSD alongside learning disability. These students have no formal qualifications and therefore do not have the entry requirements for their chosen subjects but do have the academic ability. They are likely to have been home schooled and will have extreme anxiety about coming to college and will require a long transition with a big lead up to their chosen subject.

    Hummingbird provides both students and staff an opportunity to decide whether they can manage a full-time course in a supportive environment without the normal pressures of attending college. Hummingbird can offer students a flexible programme outside of the classroom with adapted outcomes to meet their needs this is very suited to students who require a long transition but need to be in college for longer than a half day taster.

  • Entry Requirements

    This course will only be offered if there is no other alternative and students would either not be offered a place at college or would be asked to leave.

  • Course Length

    How long is this course?

    1 year

    When does this course start?


    How many hours / days per week is this course?

    Full-time courses at the college are generally 3-4 days per week (you may be in an extra day if you are resitting English and/or Maths). All students are expected to complete study hours in the Learning Resource Centre and at least 30 hours work experience on top of their college hours.

  • Course Fees
    Age Cost
    16-18 Free*

    * Certain courses may have additional costs to cover trips or DBS checks, and for some courses you will be expected to purchase additional items such as uniform or equipment.

    Fee information

    Though this course is free for those aged 16-18, there may be additional fees related to the programme, such as additional equipment or uniform, trips, DBS checks and work placement costs. Further information will be sent to all applicants before enrolment.

    Find all the information you need about course fees and financial help below.

    Information on Fees and Financial Help

    Please note the information on this page was correct at the time of publication but is subject to change due to factors beyond our control.
  • Additional Information

    What qualification will I achieve?

    The Hummingbird outcomes are clear:

    • Attendance targets individualised to each student
    • Educational outcomes at appropriate levels
    • Social outcomes to encourage educational independence

    How is my course assessed?

    As this is a bespoke programme assessment will be based on individual agreed outcomes.

Starting 06/09/2021

King's Lynn


Duration 1 year

Starting 06/09/2021



Duration 1 year

Starting 06/09/2021



Duration 1 year

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