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Pre-Access to Science & Nursing - Part-Time

Our Pre-Access to Science & Nursing course is designed to provide mature (19+) learners with essential knowledge and skills that will support their progression directly into employment within the heath sciences or onto our Access to Science and Nursing ready to progress into higher education.

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  • Course Description

    This course, which will run one day a week, gives a foundation in both study skills and subject knowledge.

    Learners are introduced to life sciences which includes studying key topic areas in life science and the potential impact of current developments within the discipline.

    Learners will also have the opportunity to enhance their maths and English skills, as well as specific study skills sessions (such as spelling and writing, critical thinking, research skills, numeracy skills related to sciences etc.) to improve proficiency and build confidence to help aid the transition of getting back into education.

    Units may include:

    • Life Processes and Living Things
    • Human Biology Genetics Immunology
    • The Building Blocks of Chemistry
    • Nutritional Science
    • Health Psychology
    • Career Development and Employability
  • Entry Requirements

    Whilst this course has no official entry requirements, an interview will be required and learners will be asked to demonstrate an interest to progress within the area.

  • Course Length

    How long is this course?

    1 year

    When does this course start?


    How many hours / days per week is this course?

    This course will run every Tuesday from 9:00am-3:00pm

  • Progression Opportunities

    What can I do after this course at CWA?

    The College of West Anglia offers many opportunities to continue studying from entry level through to degrees at University Centre West Anglia. Some of the courses available for those who have successfully completed this course include:

    • Access to Higher Education Diploma - Science & Nursing (King's Lynn)
  • Course Fees
    Age Cost
    19+ £900

    Fee information

    This course will be free for those who are eligible for our financial support scheme. Click here for more information.

    Learners with an active Education, Health & Care Plan

    If you are aged 19 - 24 at the start of your course and have an active Education, Health & Care Plan (EHCP), any course up to and including level 3 will be fully-funded by the government. This means you will not have a course fee to pay and any equipment considered essential to complete your course will be provided by the college.

    Please note the information on this page was correct at the time of publication but is subject to change due to factors beyond our control.
  • Additional Information

    What qualification will I achieve?

    • NOCN Level 2 Certificate in Skills for Employment and Study in Health Sciences
    • Functional Skills in English and/or Maths (Entry Level, Level 1 or 2)

    How is my course assessed?

    Learners will be assessed with written assignments, group work and by demonstrating an understanding of the unit

Starting 06/09/2021

King's Lynn


Duration 1 year

Science Careers

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Physical scientists


Potential Salary

Science, engineering and production technicians n.e.c.


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Chemical scientists


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Lexy Marchant

Science (Forensic) - Level 3

Lexy chose to study at CWA for its great facilities and its relaxed and friendly atmosphere. She is currently studying Biomedical Science at university.

"Going to CWA opened the door to university for me. I worked really hard to achieve what I wanted and if it wasn’t for my amazing tutors, I wouldn’t be at uni today, doing the subject I love. I learnt a lot more about microbiology than a lot of people at 6th form and then when I got to uni, I realised I knew a lot more than most undergraduates.

Lexy added, "CWA has helped me realise my potential. It made me reach for goals higher than I ever thought I was capable of. It solidified my love for science, something that I will always have with me and this has opened many doors and given me a breadth of skills I can use in any setting."

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