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When I came over to England, I was planning to get into Drama School as I wanted to train to be an actress.  I found that CWA offered performing arts courses that could help me to progress, both my skills and my confidence in the English language.

Attending CWA really helped me with my British education; getting used to a language that isn’t mine, understanding the intricacies of British culture, meeting new people, as well as how the application to university and Drama School process works. My time at CWA remains to be one of the most formative decisions of my time in England.

I hold amazing memories at CWA, having the freedom of being able to create characters and performances that were deeply personal. The tutors were incredibly inspiring when developing creative work, so I really owe them a lot.

Studying at CWA gave me the base and roots necessary to understand Britain, which is what I valued the most. The people I met and the experiences I had, pushed me to pursue the best.  Not only as an aspiring actress and performer, but also as a person who has been able to connect with others.

After completing my level 3 at CWA, I wanted to progress a bit further. I then decided to move to Norwich and do a level 4 at a performing arts venue, The Garage.

When I got the Unconditional Offer to study MA in Advanced Theatre Practice, I was beyond words, bawling all over the living room and messaging all my loved ones the news.

I have been involved in 3 plays, 1 being contemporary dance performance and several performances of diverse sort, including art exhibitions and voice overs. One performance I’ll never forget is ‘The Ugly One’, with Norwich Theatre Stage Two. This was a hilarious play and I worked with an amazing company. I will also be performing several Shakespeare sonnets in a project, partnered with the Royal Shakespeare Company.

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