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Prior to starting my degree, I wanted to go to university to study Sport Management. Studying Business at CWA tied in well with my university course.

I did attend a different college before attending CWA, but I decided to come to CWA as I wanted to pursue my dream of going to university, and the extended diploma appealed to me as I enjoy doing coursework rather than exams. I also wanted to learn more in detail about Business, so that I could apply this at university as well as my future career.

The course was insightful as it has several modules I thoroughly enjoyed, such as Employment Law, Recruitment and Selection, Understanding Health and Safety and Human Resource Management. These modules have been very helpful, as I have been able to apply my knowledge to my course at university.

After completing my course at CWA, I accepted an offer to study Sports Management at University of Gloucestershire, graduating in 2019. It was hard work, but I thoroughly enjoyed the course due to the knowledge and experiences I gained. The support I received from staff and friends I made on the course, really helped me achieve my overall result at university.  I really couldn’t have done it without them.

My time at CWA was so beneficial to me. It made me feel prepared and I understood what grades were required for university. Hard work, understanding concepts, models and theories and asking questions when needing help, are what got me there. I felt attending CWA was a warm up to attending university as it made me feel comfortable when furthering my education.

Since graduating, I now work for HMRC in Business and Project Support. The role involves me monitoring files and documents, ensuring they are up to date, and supporting the Project and Business Management department when needed. I have also been given responsibility to support the recruitment department, helping advertise new roles within HMRC. My role is to ensure that the selection process is clear and transparent. I check over the documentation that is applied to the seven stages of the recruitment process.

I have recently finished studying a master’s degree in Sport Management at Coventry University.

I am very grateful for the support I received during my time at CWA. With the support, guidance and understanding of the staff, they helped me achieve something I thought would never be possible. Now, I have two degrees and a job as a civil servant.

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