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CWA has prepared me well for a workplace in professional cookery. Mondays consist of preparing for Tuesday night service. Tuesdays we have skills where we are set B tests and work on a certain dish, then these are tested. Evening service then starts, and we spilt into groups with one half serving, the other preparing meals in the kitchen.

I enjoy the concept of doing B tests as these help me gain more skills and getting creative with food. Working within the Novus Restaurant has given me the insight of what it’s like working front of house and dealing with customer service.

I have always wanted to work within hospitality, as I have an interest in food. That feel-good feeling you receive as you serve guests food that you have prepared gives me great confidence in myself.

I have achieved much in my time at CWA and I have gained confidence,

 as I started at certificate level and now I have reached level 3, as well as achieving the qualifications that are needed to progress further into the industry.

"I have always wanted to work within hospitality, as I have an interest in food. CWA have provided me with the skills and qualifications needed to pursue my dream career"

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