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The more I researched CWA, the more confident I became in its ability to deliver an excellent standard of education. I read many reviews on online forums about the college as well as the course. I also contacted medical colleges, who highly recommended CWA’s access course to medicine.

One of the biggest aspects of choosing to study at CWA was its proximity to transport links, meaning it was easy for me to catch the train to attend. Also, the college shop enabled me to get stationery that I needed, and the town centre always came handy. The historical sites and vast open spaces of natural beauty surrounding the college, including the walks, offering the perfect opportunity to relax and unwind. I was also attracted to the facilities on site such as the Learning Resource Centre and the newly built, university centre.

My ambition in life was to become a medical doctor and my passion for this grew even more stronger during my time at CWA. I lacked confidence in myself and my academic abilities. However, through continued support and encouragement from teachers, LRC staff and the pastoral team, my confidence grew remarkably, helping me believe that I am truly capable of becoming a doctor, and for that I will be forever grateful.

When I think of my time at CWA, I am filled with so much happiness. I made some very good friends and the teaching was outstanding. I always felt so amazed at the level of enthusiasm and passion my teachers had for their subjects and in teaching. They truly went above and beyond in every way to ensure we received the best education and experience possible. I always struggled with anxiety, especially when it came to exams. My teachers made it their mission to ensure I was happy and coping well. They helped me in more ways than I could ever imagine, whether it be providing pep talks and emotional support, or helping me to find coping strategies. My teachers taught me to love learning again. Words cannot even begin to describe how immensely thankful I am for everything they have done for me.

My time at CWA will always benefit me throughout my entire life. I have learnt so much about medicine, science and the world around me. I feel as if my eyes have been opened and now I see the world in a different light. A huge change I have noticed in myself is that I'm not afraid to take on new challenges.

My short-term plan is to work in healthcare for a year, to gain more experience and to prepare myself for university. In the long term, I plan to study medicine and then qualify as a doctor.

If you were thinking of returning to learning, especially in medicine, then I would say “go for it!” I don't believe that there is any better access to medicine course available than the one offered at CWA. I would also say "whatever your background, providing you commit yourself to the course, you have every chance to flourish."

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