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Prior to starting my degree, I completed Access to Business Management at CWA. I studied as a full-time student for one year. Alongside the access of Business Management, I completed AAT level 2 studies with the score of 89% at Anglia Professional Training. I have now completed my first year in BSc Business Management.

At the time I began my Access studies I operated my own women’s fashion business at Norwich market as sole trader for four years. During the development of the business I realised that there was something more behind understanding the business rather than just the day to day selling and serving customers. I felt I needed more professional understanding of the business management strategy that includes complex elements including the pricing, promotion, and customer’s needs, and legislation. Therefore, I decided to stop business for a while, for the purpose to obtain knowledge on how to operate a business in the future. I acknowledged that having a more professional approach could lead to a better experience for my customers.

Before starting my studies, I had previously enrolled onto ESOL, having a positive experience, I then felt confident that I would obtain professional career opportunities. The professional tutors were always helpful when I had any concerns or questions. I was satisfied with the student experience, I knew I could fit my studies into my daily routine.

Access to Business Management had a few modules that I found very interesting, including marketing, accounting, and business law. I learned that business management is not only price placement or selling goods for profit. So, I derived a deeper understanding about business’ operating strategy and compliances with the law to provide business in a sustainable manner. The accounting module provided me with an understanding the financial statements, that gave a clearer idea how the business’s costs and income impact on business’ strategy and affects the generation of profit.

My experience at CWA is certainly a positive one, I love going to the cafeteria, this is where I would often meet with other students, it was nice to all sit together during lunch and discuss either academic or personal concerns. We can generate great ideas during this time and I found that it is convenient to learn when you are having dinner or simply treating yourself to a cup of coffee or tea with nice piece of cake.

The spacious classrooms are well equipped with computers, they provide a great place to listen to tutors and apply knowledge the practical way. Access to the internet and support of the tutors make things easy to fit around a busy lifestyle. I would also spend a large amount of my free time in the LRC, sitting amongst the numerous books and the students’ buzzing around created an atmosphere that motivated me and helped me feel I belonged to a student community. It created a sense that what I was doing was important.

Based on my experience and other students’ feedback this is the best place if you want focus on assignments or do research. CWA courses helped me to aspire both for my career and further study. I have gained technical skills in Excel, Project Management, and PowerPoint presentations. I am obtaining knowledge about Human Resource Management, Sustainable business operation, Marketing strategies and compliance with legislation relevant to business management. Those skills and the professional knowledge create a competitive advantage for me in the job market. I have also gained confidence to express myself and communicated in new ways with a range of people, also excellent skills for the job market.

Currently I have part-time job role in recruitment agency. I deal with applicant’s registration and entering the documentation onto a large data in the system. My responsibilities also include supervising paperwork, updating and maintaining a methodical and alphabetical archive of leavers.

I will be looking out for a job role to apply my professional knowledge and technical skills. Besides, I already have an intention to do master’s degree in Business Management.

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