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Bethany studied English Language and Literature, History and Sociology A-levels at CWA prior to starting her degree.

Bethany said “I chose to study at UcWA due to its proximity, allowing me to stay at home at study rather than commute every day. Much of the appeal also came from the fact that the class sizes are a lot smaller, which means easier communication with the tutor and the rest of the class. Personally, I find it ideal for someone who doesn’t like large crowds very much and isn’t very social – it gives you the chance to grow within yourself whilst still being able to study higher education. As the building is smaller compared to other universities, it was easier to find your way around without having the worry of getting lost.

My impression of the facilities and the tutors are excellent. UcWA has facilities such as a computer room and a kitchen area, which are both highly convenient. The tutors are also brilliant, very helpful and they always manage to make the lectures engaging. They are very approachable and if you have an issue, I find you can speak to them in confidence.

I hope to go into a career involving both History and English – my aspiration is to become an author. The idea of combining both subjects to produce historical writing is very appealing and one that I’d like to work towards. Another possibility for me is to go into museum work, whilst writing on the side.”

Bethany added, “I do believe that UcWA is worth I considering, particularly for anyone who struggles with social anxiety and stepping out of their comfort zone. Starting university is a daunting thought, but I feel UcWA makes it a lot easier with the accessible building and the connection that the tutors can have with the students, and the students with each other, thanks to the smaller classes.”

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