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I returned to CWA enrolling onto the Access to Humanities course, once I had completed this, I then decided to begin theUcWA degree program in History and English Literature.  

As an adultreturning to education, I found the process of applying and being accepted on the course pain-free. Juggling study along-side working part-time does take some getting used to, although the workload is never insurmountable. 

Attending full-time is not all consuming as people imagine, as you are surrounded by a strong support network from fellow students as well as your lecturers. 

I found the location of UcWAconvenient andas suchcoming back into education, was much less impactful to my home life. The facilities that UcWA offersare modern, clean and with ample social, providing a positive learning environment. The tutors are not only knowledgeable and passionate about their subjects but are also willing to regularly take time out of their schedule to help with assignments and my study. This isn't something you would necessarily expect from higher education provider, especially a much larger university

The topics of the course are very diverse and force you to broaden your mind, but the nature of the degree means that you can always relate your work to the subject that you want to specialise in. 

Once I have completed my degree, I hope to continue into post-graduate study and eventually become a full-time writer as a film historian.

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