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I chose to study the Early Years Foundation Degree at University Centre West Anglia as I really enjoyed my time on the Level 3 Childcare course at the College of West Anglia. It helped me to figure out that I would like to become a learning mentor.

My typical college day involved a variety of different lessons being taught, allowing us to cover different topics of the course in detail, for us then to complete assignments. This included having group discussions, working in teams, working independently and even having debates to see all sides and views on the different topics.

I really enjoyed being able to meet new people and widen my knowledge on different topics by engaging in discussions to allow me to think form different perspectives, which also influenced my work. I also really enjoyed carrying out my work placement to gain first hand experiences and develop my own practice.

I chose to go to the College of West Anglia as it was accessible for me without having to travel a long distance, due to the bus they ran. Additionally, attending the open evening allowed me to see what the course was about and see the hard work that the previous students had put into it.

I think the tutors and facilities at CWA are wonderful as my tutors all worked to encourage me to reach my potential and always provided me with support when I needed it. They would help to explain the ways in which I can improve my work, which is continuing to happen now at University Centre West Anglia. The facilities are also wonderful, especially the library which is really big to cater to students on different courses.

My time on the college course helped me to choose a career path I would like to pursue, and so I am currently on the Early Years Foundation Degree at UcWA to help me to become a learning mentor. I have also been lucky enough to get a job alongside it, within a nursery to support me whilst on the course and allow me to combine my own practice within my university work.

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