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Level 3 courses for jobs is a Government initiative to offer FREE Level 3 courses for adults in areas of skills shortages. By completing one of these courses, you will be adding to your skills, knowledge and professionalism.

You are also more likely to find secure and well-paid employment, because there are many vacancies in these areas. The Level 3 qualification may also help you achieve promotion.

Am I eligible for the funding?

To qualify for the funding, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You must be aged 19 or older
  • You must not already hold a Level 3 qualification (or equivalent) or;
  • You are unemployed or are employed on a low income (less than £25,000 per year)

If you don't meet the above, you won't be able to complete the course for free, but you can take out an Advanced Learner Loan to cover the full cost of your course. There are no credit checks and loan eligibility doesn’t depend on your income - plus you won't need to start repaying it until you have completed your course and you are earning more than £27,295 per year.

For more information about the funding, visit the government website:

Many of our qualifications are included in the offer:

  • Public Protective Services - Level 3
  • Counselling - Level 3
  • Motor Vehicle & Repair - Level 3 (progression from Level 2 only)
  • Business - Level 3
  • Computing - Level 3
  • Engineering - Level 3
  • Body & Paint - Level 3 (progression from Level 2 only)
  • Carpentry - Level 3 (progression from Level 2 only)
  • Construction - Level 3
  • Painting & Decorating - Level 3
  • Applied Science - Level 3
  • Professional Patisserie and Confectionery - Level 3 (progression only)
  • Professional Cookery - Level 3 (progression only)

Use our course search to find the course you'd like to apply for!

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