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If you don't achieve a 4 or above in English and / or Maths, you will continue to study the subjects with us at CWA.

Studying English and Maths as a school leaver

Having a good understanding in English and maths is important not just for college but also for your employment opportunities and everyday life. 

You might be thinking "do I really need English and maths?". The employers we work with frequently stress the importance of GCSEs and functional skills qualifications; they are recognised as being vital to the world of work. Have a look at why certain job roles need English and maths:

  • Construction workers

    Construction workers needs maths and English to read and interpret plans correctly. If they're involved in the design of these plans, maths will be important to ensure everything fits together as planned.

  • Mechanics

    Mechanics need maths to match gear ratios, differential rations and top speed to ensure cars run at their best.

  • Engineers

    Maths is used on a daily basis in engineering. Think about an automotive engineer building a car - the brake system would have to respond in the desired and predictable way but they'd also have to ensure that the certain safety standards and features are met. The engineer would have to fine-tune the brake force of the car and would need to use maths to work out exactly what that is with numerous equations.

    It's the same with English - engineers would need to understand vital health and safety notices.

  • Personal trainers

    Personal trainers would flex their English skills when preparing training plans for their clients. Clients might be confused with their plan and some of the exercises; a personal trainer needs to be able to explain the instructions clearly. Fitness trainers need to work out the performance and fitness of their client using maths - a running coach would need to be able to convert between kilometers and miles regularly and ensure that their client's current speed will get them to their goal time.

  • Hairdressers

    Hairdressers need to calculate the ratio of tint and peroxide when colouring hair. 

  • Graphic designers

    Graphic designers need accurate spelling and grammar when creating designs for their clients. They'll also need maths when printing their work to ensure the millimetres and spacing is spot on!

  • Actors

    Actors read and memories scripts for plays and productions.

  • Restaurant owners

    Restaurant owners need English skills to produce menus and maths skills to produce special offers and promotions. 

  • Working with animals

    Those working with animals will need use their maths and English skills to check the food requirements for each animal and to ensure they get the exact amount!

  • Progressing to an apprenticeship

    If you're planning to progress to an apprenticeship after your full-time course, you'll need to have a 4 in English and Maths to study a level 3 apprenticeship in most course areas.

Good English and maths skills are really important when it comes to your main course at college. You'll be able to read texts, carry out research, review previous presentations, write assignments, work out how many weeks you've got left to submit that assignment and calculate your budget for transport or that upcoming trip.

Continuing English and Maths at CWA

If you get a grade 1 - 3 in English and / or Maths in GCSEs (or do not have a GCSE in the subject), you will continue to study the subject at CWA. If you get a grade 3, you'll be retaking your GCSE with us. If you get a grade 1 or 2, you'll complete a short assessment during enrolment so that we can see what level you're working towards to help put you on the best English and / or maths course for you. You don't have to apply for the subjects - we'll do all of this for you once you've received your results in the summer.

Supporting you to succeed

Even though you might have to continue English and / or maths at college, it doesn't mean that it's like school! To help you to succeed our Learning Enhancement Team offers regular additional one to one and or small group sessions.  These additional sessions are your opportunity to focus on any aspect of maths and or English.  Our specialists will work with you to boost your confidence, problem solving skills and knowledge. 

In addition, our specialist teachers will help develop your knowledge and understanding of maths and English, but through a vocational context, so you will more easily identify opportunities for real life application within your main study programme, which will better prepare you for the world of work or higher level training.

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