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For our students to succeed at college and prepare themselves for their chosen careers, it is vital for them to have opportunities for meaningful work experience and to learn from a variety of employers. There are lots of ways that employers can support us to deliver this.

  • Work Experience and industry placements at CWA

    Work experience is an invaluable opportunity for our students to gain an insight into and understanding of the world of work. We believe that learning takes place both in the classroom / workshop as well as through external experiences with employers.

    All full-time students are expected to complete a period of work experience as part of their study programme. The placement will be focused on developing the relevant practical and technical skills required for a profession or trade related to their course.

    Students will be encouraged to find a meaningful placement for themselves and will be supported in this by their work placement & careers coordinator.

  • Benefits of work placement for students

     There are many benefits for students undertaking a work experience placement, including:

    • Experience in the world of work, which will enhance employability skills
    • Experience of potential career routes
    • Start building professional networks
    • Opportunity to experience a mock interview
    • Learn to reflect by recording new skills they learn on placement on the PDP
    • Employers will provide feedback on the performance of a student in placement
    • Work experience can enrich the student’s CV

  • Benefits of work placements for employers

    Work placements are a great way to introduce students (potential future employees) to the way in which companies operates. They can provide an insight into the various industry pathways open to students, as well as the specific skills and qualities required by organisations.

    Work placements can help provide a possible insight into how an apprenticeship, or other college training, could be incorporated into a company’s future recruitment plan.

    Work placements can help contribute towards the continuing professional development of existing employees, through the planning, supervision, and training of work placement students.

    Every business recognises the value of a diverse workforce and a broad talent pool. Young people are a huge part of this.

    Work placement can lead to employment, helping to address the current skills shortages

  • Industry Placement for T levels

    T levels are a new, two-year, level 3 qualification for 16-19 year olds. Designed with employers, each T level is equivalent to 3 A levels and will equip young people to be ready for the challenges of their chosen career and industry, by combing classroom study with a meaningful and substantial industry placement. To find out more, please read the government’s guide for employers, which will answer all of your questions and more importantly will encourage you to want to work collaboratively with us to ensure our T level students are provided with that work experience opportunity.

    By providing a 45-day placement, you will be enabling one (or more) of our students to further develop the skills and knowledge learnt in the classroom in a real working environment, helping them to become ‘work-ready’. If you think you might be able to offer a placement or would like to discuss further, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Other opportunities for employers to support our students

    We are always looking for more employers to support our students in developing their career aspiration and employment skills in areas other than work placement. Some examples of how employers are doing this include:

    • Provide mock interview opportunities – interviews can be very daunting for young people and real-life practice is a great way to develop their confidence and skills.
    • Guest speaker – employers come in and give talks to students about their own career path (“how I got where I am today and what I learnt along the way” talks)
    • Attend career events at college – this can be a great informal way to support students and, sometimes their parents, to gain more info about different careers and job opportunities

    If you would like to contribute in one of these ways, would like to offer something else, or just have a further conversation about it, please contact our careers manager, Ann Compton, by phone on 01553 815709 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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