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I have finished my qualification and I work at a Junior School as a one-to-one support for a child with additional needs. I apply the skills I learned on a daily basis in my job. It is a brilliant qualification that helps you develop a vast understanding of children for anyone looking to work with primary or early years.

My college days were divided between 2 days being on placement and 3 days at the college. My placement experience was very good as I was able to put what I was learning into practice and learn from those on the frontline. We were taught a very informative syllabus with an array of units relating to our career path.

I found placement experience very enjoyable and it helped me develop the professional instincts that are vital in the work I do. From the start, I knew that I wanted to work with the additional needs sector and the course and tutors helped me with this.

I knew the career path I wanted to go into. So I decided to study the course at college, which enabled me to understand the skills required and was specific to the area I wanted to pursue.

The tutors, in particular my course director, were   amazing. Support for my needs was excellent as my LSO (Learning Support Officer) was put in place without any trouble and was brilliant at helping me with anything I struggled with. The staff went above and beyond and I will always be grateful for that.

This course is challenging but achievable and tremendously worthwhile. I would definitely recommend it for anyone thinking of working with children. You will gain valuable experience as well as theoretical knowledge.

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