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I searched a few courses across the country, each had a solid curriculum and scored highly on student feedback. However, out of all the courses across the UK, CWA Access to Medicine showed persistently high numbers of medical school places offered to their graduates, year after year. As this was the ultimate end goal it made my decision easy, as my future inspiration was to become a doctor.

The course content gave us the foundations of science, maths and epidemiology so that we would have the tools to embark on a medical degree. Having qualified just prior to a pandemic, we had no idea just how useful principles of epidemiology would be. The course also required that we learnt how to construct, carry out and analyse our own research project which is now a fundamental skill I need at work.

My memories at CWA are incredibly positive, I met so many wonderful people from all walks of life, all with different motivations and academic backgrounds. Everyone supported one another and had study groups prior to doing exams and assignments. It was great when students were receiving their medical school offerings, as it was such a celebration for us all.

After completing the course, I went on to work for the NHS. The course was invaluable to helping me reach my goals and complete a medical degree. As I originally came from an arts background, not studying science in a good few years, having an in-depth recap of the key components was vital.

I am currently working as an Emergency Department Doctor at University Hospital Coventry & Warwickshire NHS Trust. I then rotate to Clinical Oncology, then finally Intensive Care. I work in a busy A&E Department of a major trauma centre, so I can see anything from chicken pox to major car accidents.

If you are thinking of enrolling onto the Access to Medicine course, I would say “go for it!” It is a wonderful springboard for whatever you want to do, and you will learn so many invaluable life skills.

Walking around the college, it was amazing to see all the incredible facilities and courses happening on one campus. I will never forget driving home with my mum from the open day at CWA; we worried all the way whether it was the right decision to move so far from home. We now laugh with the hindsight that CWA was not only a fantastic experience but also the first step in me fulfilling my dream to become a doctor.

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