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I spent lots of time on different courses, never knowing what I wanted to do. I have tried performing arts, teaching assistant and childcare level 3 before finding what I truly wanted to do.

I feel that as an adult, I am now better prepared for the task of learning and the support offered from the tutors at CWA has made a substantial difference to my time here. I feel that even if I tried the same course but at the traditional age of 16-18, I would have done as I did before and flunked out. The environment, attitude and peer support of being an adult learner is largely what’s helped me do so well.

My first piece of advice would be to stop waiting! Do it, take that jump and dive in to learning as an adult. It’s important to remember your peers will be of all ages and backgrounds. The tutors have respect for the fact you are an adult learner and want nothing more than to see you succeed!

I chose CWA because of their facilities. The university centre is amazing and offers a separate place to study, relax and socialise for adult learners instead of the busy canteens and social hubs. The library also made a huge impact on my decision. the LRC and its staff are great for your studies, and they have pretty much any book you could wish for in your chosen study area!

On access to science and nursing there are two different pathways, the bioscience or the biology and healthcare. I chose the biology and healthcare side as I’d like to go into midwifery. I absolutely love our biology lessons and our tutor is fantastic. We use microscopes, study organs, sit in fantastic lectures and the health and community unit is great too! For those wanting to go into health care this really gives you a wide view on the NHS and healthcare in general.

The facilities and tutors at CWA are fantastic. I’ve never received such an amazing amount of support and it truly feels like they want to see you succeed. I found very quickly that they’re happy to help with all aspects of life even if you just need an ear to listen to your problems every now and then.

I have been offered a place at the University of East Anglia to begin a degree in midwifery. The college and my tutors are the reason I have the opportunities that I do now. The support throughout the UCAS process, the chance to visit UEA and the connections the college have to help you through the entire process are second to none.

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