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Prior to beginning my course at CWA, I had aspired to be working within the sports industry, either on camera, behind the camera or in an editing role.

I decided to come to CWA as it was a great opportunity to learn in a different environment compared to school. The course was exactly what I wanted to learn, it also helped me broaden my knowledge within the TV and film industry.

Studying the course was very hands on, there was a lot of practical projects which I really enjoyed, especially as we were given a lot of room for creative freedom. A particular highlight during my time at CWA was being able to create an advert, which I was able to adapt into a sport setting. I based this advert on promoting deodorant for footballers.

My biggest highlight whilst studying at CWA was competing in WorldSkills with my fellow classmates. We worked within a high-pressure environment; this was a great way to put into practice what we had learnt on the course. We placed 2nd and won the silver award, which was a great accomplishment for us as well as CWA.

After completing my course at CWA, I then went onto study Sports Business and Sports Broadcasting at UCFB Wembley. Studying at CWA benefitted my future studies as I had learnt a lot of the basic skills such as camera work and editing, which put me ahead of the university course, meaning I was first to be offered a lot of roles.

When I completed my degree, I achieved a first-class honour. Following my time after University I joined a production company in Norwich, specialising as a camera operator and a kit store manager. After gaining four years of experience within broadcasting I decided to go freelance as a camera operator. I now work for various outside broadcasting and production companies.

My latest project was working at the UEFA Woman’s Euro 2022, this was also my first job as a freelance camera operator. At the tournament I worked for Tell Media and Great Big Events to provide RF camera coverage from each ground, often working with a presenter and a floor manager to hype up the crowd before each match.

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