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Prior to studying my access course I obtained my level 2 functional skills in maths and English.

Returning to learning as an adult was a lot easier than what I had in mind! Once I got into the swing of things, I’ve found studying as an adult much easier as I am more organised and ready to learn. I was apprehensive to begin with and doubted myself but as soon as I started, I found it better than I imagined. The support given is second to none!

If you are thinking that you cannot go back into learning, my advice would be to try it and see how it goes! You will surprise yourself and its quite liberating and confidence building to see for yourself what you are actually capable of!

Location and the availability of the course I wanted to study made CWA the ideal choice for me! Plus, the tutors are excellent!

Biology has been fascinating and absolutely fabulous! I have loved learning about it so much.  It is really challenging but once I have my head around it, I understand it. Then I’m so proud of myself for understanding and grasping it!

Highly impressed with the facilities and the lecture rooms. Also, the Labs are very well equipped!

I am planning on starting my adult nursing degree in September.

The level of teaching at the college has been outstanding. The tutors know their field and are confident to give you all of their knowledge and go above and beyond to get you through the course.

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