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“Prior to starting my course at CWA, I wanted to work in a veterinary practice or be a zookeeper.

I chose to study at CWA as I knew I wanted to work with animals and gain hands-on experience.

My core memories of my time at CWA are learning different restraint and handling techniques. I also enjoyed learning about behaviour and putting this into practical use when completing a ten-week training plan. I had a positive and professional relationship with my course directors, which made me enjoy learning and helped me engage in all lessons.

Studying at CWA was very beneficial for my current role, as specific units are put into practice, for example, handling and restraint is something I do on a day-to-day basis, as well as filling out health sheets and knowing how to differentiate between good and bad health. I learnt key skills and knowledge during behaviour and biology, which I have found beneficial in my current position. Welfare and ethics were also a beneficial unit of the course, as I am currently working with animals that are used in science (Animal Scientific Procedures Act). So, learning about different legislation and codes of practice was very important, as I follow and work to these guidelines.

I began my first job two weeks after completing my Animal Management course, at Cambridge University within an animal research facility as a Junior Level 2 Animal Technician.”

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