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Mia knew she wanted to become a veterinary surgeon, so applied to study Level 3 BTEC in Animal Management. She chose this course as she knew she would gain the 300 hours’ work experience that was required to apply for university.

A typical day at college for Mia entails a practical lesson, where she either carries out daily duties for some of the animals, such as feeding them and giving water or skipping out their accommodation. Alternatively, she may be handling the animals and giving them health checks. After the practical session, Mia will then go on to study theory, such as zoology, veterinary nursing, animal nutrition or exotic animals.

Mia said, “The facilities for the course are great! The animal unit has developed and grown since I started college, and it continues to do so. It has a vast variety of species, ranging from rabbits and guinea pigs to snakes and sugar sliders, to goats and sheep.

She added, “I enjoy the veterinary nursing units as it relates to my chosen career. So, I find it very interesting to learn about different policies and procedures, the different job roles within a vet practice and the types of patient care.

I always enjoy the practical sessions, as I like handling and being with the animals. My favourite to handle is Yakult, who is a small milk snake.

The college allowed me to gain the 300 hours that is required to apply for university. The tutors are always willing to help with assignments or practical work, and even 1:1 support, if needed.

After finishing my course, I plan to study Access to Higher Education in Veterinary Science at UcWA in Cambridge. I will then apply to go to Bristol University, to study to be a veterinary surgeon. This has been my dream since I was a child.

I have enjoyed my time here for the past two years and would highly recommend my course to other students.”

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