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Starting College in September 2020?

You can find most of the information you need to know about starting at CWA in September in the various sections below. 

As a result of Covid-19, we are having to adapt our facilities, buildings and timetables to ensure we can provide a safe environment and the best learning experience for students. Unfortunately, this means that finalising timetables and course details is taking longer than usual this year. We apologise for any inconvenience this is causing but be assured that our staff are working very hard to get everything in place for the start of term in the week beginning Monday 7 Sept (please note that not all courses will start on this particular day). Most timetables for induction weeks are now available. Please see the 'timetable and induction' section further down this page.

We've also made some changes to our campuses and protocols to help make our campuses safe for everyone. The short video below summarises some of the key changes you need to be aware of. Please take a few minutes to watch this before reading further down the page. 


We'll be updating this page right up to the start of term with further detail as it becomes available and will send you text or email updates with any significant changes. For further information specifically related to guidance surrounding Covid-19, click here.

Please click one of the following topics for more information:

  • Timetable and induction details

    We are working hard to make our buildings and facilities safe and compliant with the latest government guidance with regards to Covid-19 ready to welcome students back to our campuses. To ensure we can provide a full education to our learners, it is likely that some aspects of your course may be delivered online at the beginning of the year, for example English and maths and some theory sessions.

    Taking this into account, full timetables are unlikely to be confirmed until your induction week. Details on your first day and induction week can be found on the 'Your First Day at CWA' link below - just click your course area and find your course!


  • Completing your enrolment

    Enrolment is your final step to joining CWA in September! This year we are completing enrolment online through our student portal. The following video will explain how to start your enrolment (we recommend opening the video in full-screen).

    For new students, enrolment will be split into three stages:

    Stage 1: Confirming your personal details

    From Friday 31st July, you'll be able to login to the student portal and begin confirming your personal details and upload a photo of yourself for an ID card. To get started, log in to the student portal (using your student email e.g. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and password) and follow the on-screen instructions. 


    Stage 2: Your course and qualifications

    From GCSE results day you will be asked to upload your a picture of your grade transcript (the piece of paper with all your grades on!) or certificates and confirm the course you'd like to study (if you've applied for more than one). Once you've uploaded your grades, our enrolment team will check that you've met the entry requirements for your course and complete this step of your enrolment. If we have any queries, we'll give you a call to discuss further.

    If you do not meet the entry requirements for your course, we will give you a call to discuss alternative options - there will be a course for you here at CWA.

    For adult applicants, we will call you to confirm the cost of the programme and your elgibility for full or partial fee reductions.

    Stage 3 - Completing your enrolment

    One of our enrolment team will attend a session during the first two weeks of your course to give you your lanyard, check your ID and ask you to sign an enrolment form.

  • Worried about your GCSE results?

    Even if you don't quite get the grades you need for your course, we will work with you to find a course which suits you - it could be a lower level which will allow you to progress in the future or a different area all together. There's no need to call us when you receive your grades, just upload your grade sheet through the enrolment process and we'll give you a call to discuss alternative courses if you don't meet the entry requirements.

  • Start preparing for September


    Get a head start on your course by accessing LEARN. You will have access to your Welcome to College course which will introduce you to some aspects of college life and essentials skills to help prepare you for college. You will also have access to curriculum specific activities and information to give you a taste of your course!.

    To access LEARN on a desktop please visit You will be asked to log in, (these are the same login details you have used to manage your application so far). Once you have logged in head to your dashboard where you will see your courses and the welcome to college course you can start working on now!

    You can also download our LEARN app to access content for your course on the go! Please follow the link below.

    Get it on Google Play Get it on the App Store


    CWA Buzz

    Talk to other students applying for your course area on Buzz and get the latest messages from the college.

    Download the CWA Buzz app to your device. Please follow the link below:

    Get it on Google Play Get it on the App Store


  • Learn more about your course!

    We know that most of you haven't had an interview at CWA - some of you may not have even had the opportunity to visit! At the end of June, each of our curriculum areas held online events which gave our applicants the opportunity to:

    • Learn more about their course and what college life is really like
    • Have a short virtual tour of the campus
    • Ask any questions to the course team / student services


    Don't worry if you missed them; we recorded each event so that you all have the opportunity to watch whenever you like! Click the following button and find your programme area to get started.


  • Uniform and equipment for your course

    For some of our courses, it is necessary to purchase equipment / stationary, protective clothing or industry standard kit to complete your course. You can find all of our kit and equipment lists and details on how to order on the following page:


  • Financial support

    The college operates a generous financial support scheme which can help students whose financial circumstances make it difficult for them to meet the costs associated with study. If eligible, you could receive help with costs such as course fees, materials, kit and equipment, transport, childcare and accommodation. 

    Applications for financial support are made online. You can find further information about eligiblty and start your application on the following page:


  • Travelling to college

    It’s easy to get to and from college, as all four of our campuses are well-serviced by local bus services, with King’s Lynn campus also being a short walk from the train station.

    The college works in conjunction with local county councils and providers to operate various bus routes to and from each campus to cater for full time students. We've created a transport calculator to help you find the most suitable and cheapest route into college.

    Launch Transport Calculator

    Please note that, whilst the transport calculator is correct at the time of writing, information and applications for transport may change with new guidance from the government or individual transport organisations. 

    If you live in the Fenland area, you may be eligible for our CWA Travel Subsidy, which will leave you with a maximum of £100 to pay for a bus into college! You can find more details here.

    The college has limited parking on all four of our campuses. Parking is by permit only; To apply for a parking permit please fill in this form.

  • I don't have a suitable device / the internet to study from home

    We understand that, for some students, attending online lessons and learning from home may be difficult, either through lack of access to wifi / the internet or a suitable device (e.g. a laptop, PC or tablet) and we need to know now which students may be affected so we can put alternative plans in place to support you.

    If you do not have access to a suitable device or the internet, please click the following button to complete a short questionnaire to let us know your circumstances. You will need your person code (found on all of our emails) to complete the survey. 


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