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What are A-levels?

A-levels are one of the main routes to higher education and university. They are assessed through examinations with some providing coursework modules and learners receive individual grades for each subject chosen. Most learners studying A-levels study the equivalent of at least three subjects (although some study more).

Why study A-levels at college?

College is very different from school or sixth form – you are treated as an adult and will learn how to manage your own time outside of lectures and develop new skills. There are no bells, assemblies or uniform – you are free to take control of your own learning in a sociable and mature atmosphere. You will be able to learn in a fun and dynamic environment and your lessons will be both challenging and stimulating. During your studies you will be supported by our highly-qualified staff, who will regularly review your progress against your targets and guide you in your next steps.

A Level Course Selector

Choosing your A-level subjects

The A-level subject builder below will help you choose your subjects.

    1. Click on a subject to select your first choice.
    2. The tool will then enable you to choose your second subject from the same row
    3. Select your third subject from any of the remaining blocks.
    4. If you wish to study Sports Science (BTEC), you will be able to study this with any subject from blocks 1, 4 or 5 (except another BTEC).
    5. Once you have selected your three subjects, you can apply for them through your school applications service or directly through our website. Click here for more information on how to apply.

  • Why can I only choose certain subjects?

    The subject builder has been designed so that the subjects in each row complement each other in terms of recommended career pathways and entry requirements for degree courses.

  • How many A-levels can I study?

    Most students choose to study three A-levels and the subject builder will enable you to select three subjects. If you wish to study four A-levels, or you wish to choose subjects from three different rows, we will be pleased to discuss this with you at your information session.

  • BTEC options

    The BTEC qualifications gain comparative UCAS points to A-levels and count towards one of your choices. However, you may only study one BTEC subject as part of the A-level programme.

  • Blocks may vary

    the A-level subjects offered are dependent on student numbers, so the blocks may vary to allow for this. On Wednesdays, you will either take part in work experience or subject development workshops (when required by the subject).

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