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A-Level Programme - Art & Design

A-Level Art will give you the opportunity to explore a wide variety of approaches to fine art. This will include traditional fine art media and techniques such as drawing, painting, printmaking, mixed-media, collage and assemblage, sculptures and ceramics. You will also be encouraged to use photography, digital imaging and editing, moving image and installation.

Students on our A-Level Programme take a minimum of 3 and maximum of 4 A-Level subjects so please apply for all the subjects you'd like to discuss at interview.

  • Course Description

    A key aspect of studying art at this level is developing an awareness of how your own works relate to the work of other artists and artworks. You will be encouraged to explore the work of others in terms of media, materials and techniques and also in terms of ideas and concepts. You will develop:

    • Appreciation of different approaches to recording images, such as observation, analysis, expression and imagination, understanding of pictorial space, composition, rhythm and scale.
    • Appreciation of colour, line, tone, texture, shape and form. Understanding of the conventions of figurative/representational and abstract/non-representational imagery or genres and an awareness of intended audience and purpose of artworks.
    • Appreciation of different ways of working, including under-painting, glazing, wash and impasto, modelling, carving, casting, constructing, assembling, etching, engraving, dry-point, mono printing, lino printing, screen printing, photo silkscreen and lithography.
    • Understanding of how ideas and meanings can be conveyed and interpreted in images and artefacts within fine art.
    • Knowledge and understanding of historical and contemporary developments within fine art including different styles, movements and genres.
    • Awareness of a broad range of artists, artwork and ideas/concepts within fine art.
    • Understanding of how images and artefacts relate to social, environmental, cultural and/or ethical contexts, and to the time and place in which they were created.
    • A working vocabulary and specialist terminology that is relevant to fine art.
  • Entry Requirements

    For the generic A-Level Programme you will need:

    • GCSE grade 4 or above in English Language and Maths, plus at least 3 more GCSEs at grade 5 or above

    For this specific A-Level you will need

    • GCSE grade 4 and above in English Language and Maths, Grade 5 or above in Art and at least 2 others at grade 5 or above
  • Course Length

    How long is this course?

    2 years

    When does this course start?


    How many hours / days per week is this course?

    Full-time courses at the college are generally 3-4 days per week (you may be in an extra day if you are resitting English and/or Maths). All students are expected to complete study hours in the Learning Resource Centre and at least 30 hours work experience on top of their college hours.

  • Course Fees
    Age Cost
    16-18 Free*
    19+ £1,950

    * Certain courses may have additional costs to cover trips or DBS checks, and for some courses you will be expected to purchase additional items such as uniform or equipment.

    Fee information

    Though this course is free for those aged 16-18, there may be additional fees related to the programme, such as additional equipment or uniform, trips, DBS checks and work placement costs. Further information will be sent to all applicants before enrolment.

    If you are aged 19 and over, you may be eligible for an Advanced Learner Loan to cover the cost of this course. For more information on the Advanced Learner Loan, please click here. Alternatively, if you are aged 19-23 and have not yet completed a level 3 or above qualification, you may be able to receive this course for free. For further information and to complete our fee calculator, click here.

    Find all the information you need about course fees and financial help below.

    Information on Fees and Financial Help

    Learners with an active Education, Health & Care Plan

    If you are aged 19 - 24 at the start of your course and have an active Education, Health & Care Plan (EHCP), any course up to and including level 3 will be fully-funded by the government. This means you will not have a course fee to pay and any equipment considered essential to complete your course will be provided by the college.

    Please note the information on this page was correct at the time of publication but is subject to change due to factors beyond our control.
  • Additional Information

    What qualification will I achieve?

    AQA A-Level in Art & Design - Fine Art

    How is my course assessed?

    Year 1 Component 1 - Portfolio Coursework (60%)

    During the first half of the year, you will develop a portfolio of artwork and supporting sketchbook that explores a variety of media, techniques and ideas.

    Year 1 Component 2 - Externally Assessed Assignment (40%)

    In February you will receive a question paper with a choice of five questions/themes to respond to. There will be a period of 10 hours under exam conditions towards the end of the year.

    Year 2 Component 1 - Personal Investigation (60%)

    During the first half of the year you will develop a personal investigation supported by a written project.

    Year 2 Component 2 - Externally Set Assignment (40%)

    In February you will receive a question paper with a choice of eight questions/themes to respond to. There will be a period of 15 hours under exam conditions at the end of the year.

Starting 06/09/2021

King's Lynn


Duration 2 years


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