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As part of the funding and development of their new School of Nursing Studies (SoNS), the College of West Anglia (CWA) has purchased two Anatomage tables and two new SimMan 3G+; high-tech simulation mannequins. College of West Anglia is the first further education facility in the country to offer the Anatomage table to learners.

The School of Nursing Studies is a state-of-the-art facility, funded by the Borough Council of King's Lynn and West Norfolk and the Town Deal Board, in partnership with the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, King's Lynn and Anglia Ruskin University.

The Anatomage tables offer cutting-edge teaching resources with virtual dissection for teaching human anatomy and physiology. Clinical education traditionally relies upon real dissection to understand the biological processes, structure and function of the body. These resources overcome these practical limitations by using 3D scans of the body. This enables students to examine and understand how the body works across many perspectives. Learning modules can also be repeated and adjusted to suit the needs of different learners and their educational outcomes in a safe and progressive environment.

22PT CWA Access to Medicine 93 sm

SoNS Anatomage Table.

The Laerdal SimMan 3G+ high-tech simulation mannequins can replicate physiological functions such as breathing, pulses, convulsions, temperature, and blood pressure. The latest models added to the SoNS include TraumaMan and SimMom. TraumaMan is used to simulate the treatment of a trauma patient including haemorrhage control and airway management. The SimMom mannequin simulates labour, including a breech delivery, manual delivery, shoulder dystocia and postpartum haemorrhage. The mannequins provide an opportunity for learners to develop their skills and knowledge by recreating authentic clinical scenarios and situations in a progressive and supportive environment.

At CWA, these new learning resources are being incorporated into the Trainee Nursing Associate Apprenticeship programme being delivered in partnership with Anglia Ruskin University. Other CWA learners are also benefitting from the new facilities, including T-Level Health and Adult Nursing, Level 3 Nursing and Paramedic Academy, Access to Medicine and Access to Science and Nursing students. Additionally, they are supplementing learning for A-Level Biology and Early Years students. Looking ahead, use of these facilities will be extended to other courses at CWA, where the focus is on sports science, nutrition, and biochemistry.

23PT CWA SON 3D Dolls 17 sm

Access to Medicine students using TraumaMan Manequin.

Adrian Debney, Head of Clinical Education at the School of Nursing Studies, said:

“I am proud to introduce the very latest medical training resources to support the development of learners at the College of West Anglia, along with our partners in education and health. The addition of two state-of-the art Anatomage virtual dissection tables will provide high quality learning for students of health, science and social care, by incorporating advanced technology to teach anatomy through virtual interaction with perfectly rendered digital human bodies. On a par with the best educational facilities elsewhere in the UK, these resources will help local students to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve their personal and career aspirations”.

23PT CWA SON 3D Dolls 21 sm

CWA Access to Medicine student photographed with SimMom.

As versatile state-of-the art teaching tools, these new resources supplement an impressive portfolio of resources at the School of Nursing Studies, which includes an advanced simulation suite, virtual reality facilities and comprehensive clinical skills equipment to offer a truly unique and flexible learning environment. The College of West Anglia is committed to developing and delivering local learning opportunities and resources to rival top centres of learning across the UK.

22PT CWA Access to Medicine 98 sm

Adrian Debney, Head of Clinical Education using the Anatomage tables to teach CWA students.

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