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A long service awards breakfast was held at College of West Anglia (CWA), hosted by Principal, David Pomfret, recognising staff who have completed long service of 10, 20 or 25 years.

Staff who reached these milestones during 2023 were invited to a breakfast event at the college’s Novus Restaurant in King’s Lynn, to celebrate their loyalty and commitment. Each was awarded a certificate and gift voucher. Colleagues with 5 years’ continuous service will also receive a gift voucher and certificate.

David Pomfret said, “Many of our staff have worked for CWA for long periods of time and I would like to thank every staff member for their dedication to the college and to changing lives through learning. The combined service of those collecting awards is a quite staggering 450 years. CWA and our students have enjoyed multiple achievements and successes over the years, and none of this would have been possible without the commitment of our staff.”

The full list of staff achieving awards are as follows:

5 years’ service:
Nicola Barker
Maria Chaplin
Robert Clarke
Kevin Coates
Clare Codman
Cibele De Carvalho
Wobine De Sitter
Rebecca Foreman
Natasha Goodale
Carl Goodson
Lucy Hanslip
Helen Harrison
Agnieszka Heisig
Tracey Henson
Mark Hesling
Niki Hewlett
Robyn Hodgins
Trazy Howe
Mandy Lakey
Bethany Lambert
Nichola Marsh
Marie Parry
Claudia Rumsey
Matthew Scott
Anna Stone
Emma Towler
Andrew Westmancoat
Simon Williamson
Belinda Wilson
Michele Wilson
Terry Wood
Lucy Woolnough

10 years’ service:
Mercedes Bills
Lucas Cooper
Jane Copeland
Gemma Doughty
Clare Field
Susan Greer
Gillian Hesling
Joanne Ireland
Sharon Johnson
Tara Johnson
Clare Knight
Irene Lee
Paul Leeper
Belinda Marshall
Karrie Oxborough
Emma Pewter
Alison Rudd
Frances Rudland
Paul Seaman
Katie Smith
Sara Spencer
Christopher Stanhope
Kelly White

20 years’ service:
Susan Baker
John Barton
Natalie Gooch
Caroline Greyson
Julie Pochetty
Nigel Wagg

25 years’ service:
Michael Boyce
Jodie Caseley
Julie Collins
Helen Sims

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