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Public Protective Services (PPS) students have experienced a real taste of policing and detective work at the College of West Anglia. ‘Blue pathway’ students, who aspire to a career in the emergency services, took part in two weeks of hands-on work experience and learning.

Norfolk Constabulary brought policing to campus with CWA’s inaugural Police Taster Week. Students looked at different roles within the police, ethics, diversity and inclusion and took part in activities including a fitness test, role play and verbal reasoning. The week culminated with students presenting their project work to a panel of constabulary leads, including Temp. Superintendent Wes Hornigold.

Work Experience Co-Ordinator, Tracey Hall, said, “This has been an invaluable opportunity to give our students real work experience within the police and the start of a much-valued partnership between Public Protective Services and Norfolk Constabulary. Our students have gained so much from the week, in both knowledge and self-confidence.”

Coverage Briefing

PPS students ready to present their projects to the Norfolk Constabulary panel. L to R at table: David Pomfret (CWA Principal), Temp Superintendent Wes Hornigold, Pauline Mcintosh and Julie Inns.

Level 3 PPS students then took part in two days of Crime Scene Investigation training with Paul Kingdon of Kingdon Investigation Training Ltd. Paul is an ex-Metropolitan Police detective and brought his 30 years’ policing experience to CWA. Students put the theory of CSI into practice by working in teams to collect and label evidence from a crime scene, producing a statement and providing evidence in role play as the investigating officer in court.

Paul said, "I had a thoroughly enjoyable week with the students and staff at CWA, who made me feel so welcome. The students were all thoroughly immersed in the “workshop incident” that we dealt with and asked me an abundance of challenging, relevant questions around this crime investigation, which will assist them with their portfolios of evidence for their courses."

Course Director, Caroline Greyson, added, “This has been an amazing opportunity for the Level 3 students. They have experienced Crime Scene Investigation delivered by a true professional. They’ve had the opportunity to interact with a police detective, asking questions about the job and receiving relevant, bespoke learning, guiding them into their career. This is definitely an opportunity we wish to continue for our students in forthcoming years”.

Public Protective Services training prepares young people for a career in uniformed services, including the Police, Fire Service and Prison Service via the ‘blue pathway’ and the Army, Royal Navy and Royal Air Force via the ‘green pathway’.

CWA level 3 PPS students

PPS students, Alex Sherratt, Piotr Wisneiski and Zac Collins-Iddi with Paul Kingdon.

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