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College of West Anglia (CWA) Creative Media Students have produced a series of shorts which have been written and directed by each of the students on the Level 3 Creative Media Production and Technology course. These short films are being debuted at the upcoming King’s Lynn Film Festival.

King’s Lynn Film Festival will run from Thursday 23rd November through to Sunday 26th November at the Corn Exchange Cinema on Tuesday Market Place.

The films each have their own message which have been creatively evolved by each of the students. Some of the themes of the short films include thrillers, mystery, horror, emotional turmoil, family dynamic, loss and love.

Paul Gibson Programme Manager for Creative Arts at CWA said “The film festival has provided a great opportunity for our level three second year Creative Media students to work on a live assignment as part of their curriculum. They have been able to refresh and apply their learning from the first year into a real-world situation. The students have felt challenged by the shorter deadline, however they have enjoyed the challenge and it is fabulous that the festival is going to include all the student work in the schedule.”

Ticket information and further details of the film festival can be found here: 

A summary of the short films below: 

Samuel Hunt’s short is about the journey that people go on in their lives, and about the people they meet and the people they lose, and how it all shapes you into the person you’re meant to be.

Eden Malinovska’s film is called Dear, Sunflower and is the story of a troubled teen and their lifelong ambition of leaving everything behind.

Ben Butters’s film is called Death. Edwin returns home stressed. He is down on his knees with family issues. His mother is the latest, stuck in hospital with illness.  Edwin decides to tackle fate itself.

Aksel Zuravljova has created a short poetic video with themes of bonds, nature and state of mind.

Megan Taylor created a short film showing the change in childhood to adulthood through the use of an inanimate object. 

Hollie Fowler created a trailer called Truth which is a thriller mystery short film concept that focuses on a lady being framed for a murder she did not commit and shows her journey of trying to uncover the truth. 

Ava Forrester created an interpretative short film Visions, which explores the emotional turmoil a girl has when she sees visions of a boy she appears to remember knowing. She struggles with her extreme guilt over the possibility that she may have done something immoral to lead to these supernatural dreamlike hallucinations. It is completely up to the audience's interpretations to decide what all of this means.

Maddie Galley created a short film titled The Bus. It is a short film highlighting the sexual harassment that young women face daily. The aim of this piece is to give a voice to those who feel like they don't have one. The Bus is centred around a heart wrenching real-life experience of a teenager attempting to take public transport.

Michael Bramham created a trailer called Always Keep One Eye Open highlighting the dangers that are faced when walking on your own at night and the predatory behaviour of certain individuals. 

Charlie Smith created a short based on their own take of a YouTube series called 'The Mandela Catalogue' which is spooky and silly and made around the time of Halloween.

Isaac Riedlinger created A short film of a love experience that goes has its fair amount of 'errors'. Staring Ava Forrester and Samuel Hunt. 

Kieran Markham created an enticing advertisement for Turkz's mixtape, "Eye for an Eye," employing graphic effects to captivate the audience. The visual narrative unfolds dynamically, weaving a tapestry of vibrant colours, seamlessly transitioning through the beats and rhythms of Turkz's music. Each graphic element serves as a visual crescendo, mirroring the intensity and passion embedded in the mixtape's tracks. Through meticulous design, the advert not only showcases the auditory experience but also becomes an immersive journey, inviting the audience to explore the synesthetic connection between sound and sight. This production transcends conventional promotion, transforming into a visual symphony that resonates with the essence of Turkz's musical narrative.

Mackenzie Taylor created 'Prints' which is a short film focusing on a man that is suffering from the loss of his best friend, his dog.

Alex Chilvers created a film called 'Knock Knock'. This is short film is a horror trailer, following a protagonist who appears to be the only one to see an invisible creature or entity as it hunts him down, with our protagonist searching for a paranormal expert to help him escape this being.


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